How to Remove Connect from Apple Music

When Apple Music launched back on June 30th 2015, Apple also announced Connect, their social media style interaction with music artists located in the Apple Music app. Connect was a second attempt at the artist social networking after the failed Ping, which was launched September 1st 2010.

However, it doesn't appear that Connect is a success for Apple Music with widespread consent online and many many people looking for a way to remove the Connect button from their Apple Music app. It's rumoured that Apple will allow its users to remove the button in iOS 10 but in the meantime there is a way to remove it and replace it with 'Playlists'.

To remove the Connect button from Apple Music you need to go through the following menu's:

Settings -> General -> Restrictions -> Apple Music Connect


For the majority you will need to enable the 'Restrictions' section then toggle the Apple Music Connect button. When you switch back to Apple Music you will now see your Playlists button where Connect used to be. Enjoy!