What was Published, and Links of Note

Here is a list of articles we published this week. You can keep up to date with Apple Resource by following us on Twitter or Signing Up to our weekly update e-mail.

Note: Apple Resource will move from three weekly posts to two. I hope the two we provide will be more unique and in depth than any other Apple related sites providing you with more unique content going forward. As always, I want to know what you as a reader is looking for. Please drop me a line on Twitter with anything you’d like to see published.

How to Enable iOS Night Shift Mode and Why You Should

iOS now comes with a blue light reduction feature. This not only aids your ability to sleep when using your devices close to bed time but it has medically proven health benefits as a result. This article shows you how to enable and use the feature.

How to Make an Online Backup with iCloud

Backup is one of the most critical things you can do with your technology today. Don’t be one of the people that turns up at the Apple Genius Bar in tears! As well as local backups you should be enabling cloud backups. Apple’s iCloud is a great offering, but don’t get caught short with its initial 5GB limit!

Links of Note

How to Backup iOS Devices Before Upgrading

To compliment Apple Resources backup article I’ve linked to The Sweet Setups post on backing up. It doesn’t added to much beyond the Apple support articles linked to here but its a nice article none the less.

Uber Enters Race to Perfect Driverless Vehicle Technology

MacRumors has posted an article on Uber entering the driverless car space. I think this is probably one of the most exciting tech areas going forward. From an Apple perspective they could do really well here, from my productivity side (DavidJMoore.com) a driverless car could really increase your productivity if you could work or rest whilst the car does the driving!

Apple Working on OS X 10.12 Feature Allowing Macs to Be Unlocked via iPhones Touch ID

It’s been two years since I provided feedback to Apple to make touch ID available on the Mac range. This will be somewhere in between, maybe somewhat gimmicky depending on how you use your desk space or mobile devices.