What was Published, and Links of Note

Here is a list of articles we published this week. You can keep up to date with Apple Resource by following us on Twitter, Facebook or signing up to our weekly update e-mail.

Review: Verbatim MediaShare Wireless - Turn a Hard Drive into a Wireless Hard Drive and Stream Files, Movies and other Data Wirelessly to Your Tablet and Smart Phone

The Verbatim MediaShare Wireless is a wireless hub that allows you to access USB hard drives and SD cards on up to 5 devices on its local wi-fi connection.

How to Name Locations in Apple's Find My Friends App

Ever wished that your contacts locations in Find My Friends app and system wide where in friendly names that you easily recognise? This 'How To' will show you how to give your contacts locations friendly names. 

How to Remove Connect from Apple Music

Here is a simple guide to remove the Apple Music Connect button from your Apple Music app.

Links of Note

Automating OmniFocus on iOS

Omni Group has released a new version of OmniFocus that can now interface with template files to create project templates on iOS. Thanks to David Sparks for highlighting this use case.

Mac Power Users Podcast Episode 320: Always Good Advice

My favourite podcast, this episode is listener feedback, well worth a listen if you are a Mac/iOS user with an interest in using your devices better.