Create PDFs of Web Pages on iOS

Have you ever found an interesting web article and you wanted to create a PDF of the webpage that you could save for later? Unfortunately Apple has yet to enable 'Print to PDF' yet and the most popular method so far has been to send the page to iBooks which will make you a lovely PDF, but then the only way to get it out of iBooks is via Messages or Mail.

However, there is another way using the app 'Workflow' and this article will outline the simple steps needed to create a workflow in 'Workflow' to create a PDF from a webpage on iOS.

  1. Get 'Workflow' from the Apple App Store
  2. Open the app and click the '+' to add a new workflow. You want to create an 'Action Extension' in which the three steps you need in your work flow are:
    1. 'Get Article from Web Page'
    2. 'Make PDF'
    3. 'Quick Look' though this could be substituted with something else like 'Save to Dropbox'
  3. Save the workflow with whatever name you like
  4. When you are in Safari at the page you want to make into a PDF, you hit the share sheet button (square box with the up arrow) and select 'Run Workflow'. When 'Workflow' opens you tap on the workflow you just created and a PDF will be created!
  5. If you used 'Quick Look' as your final step you can then use the share sheet at this point to send the PDF to another app of your choice in iOS.