What was Published, and Links of Note

Here is a list of articles we published this week. You can keep up to date with Apple Resource by following us on Twitter or Signing Up to our weekly update e-mail.

How to Clear All Apple Watch Notifications in a Swipe and Two Taps

Ever noticed the red dot at the top of your Apple Watch screen and wondered what it means? Or even swiped down to see a load of notifications and you wonder how to clear them all? This article will show you something very few people know!

How to Preserve iOS9 Battery Life: Part One Background App Refresh

If you wish your iOS device battery life was better then this series of posts is for you. It will show you a range of practical tips to help maximise your battery life without making your phone a dumb phone again.

Links of Note

Jawbone Ceases Production of Their Fitness Trackers

If you have a Jawbone fitness tracker then this article might interest you. Hardly surprising but somewhat annoying for owners.

Apple Employees Face Death Threats

An interesting anonymous report by a UK Apple employee showing that its not all rainbows and glitter working for Apple.

The Best TV Tracking App

A good app review and comparison for TV tracker apps. Spoiler alert the best one was Television Time which you can see HERE