Tip: How to Create PDFs From Mail App on iOS

One of the biggest issues on iOS and Mail.app for me is the lack functionality to quickly create a PDF. I very often want to PDF a receipt or software license e-mail and file away, this isn't built in as standard. 

There is a work around, you can send the e-mail out to a free web service called PDFConvert.me. You simply forward your e-mail to pdfconvert@pdfconvert.me, and wait until they send you the PDF back. The site has a great privacy policy, essentially they keep your file/email as long as is required to do the conversion, then its deleted. 

If you are savvy, you can create some e-mail filters to deal with the return e-mail i.e. forward to Evernote or OneNote, Of course that is another missing functionally on iOS Mail.app.

Now the features don't stop there, you can use different mail to addresses for different functionality:

  1. attachconvert@pdfconvert.me = makes the e-mail attachments into PDFs.
  2. pdfconvert@pdfconvert.me = full e-mail conversion to PDF, including headers.
  3. noheaders@pdfconvert.me = full e-mail conversion to PDF, without headers.
  4. markdown@pdfconvert.me = converts markdown content into PDF.
  5. webconvert@pdfconvert.me = converts a weblink in an e-mail to a PDF. For example a link to a blog post will return a PDF of that blog post.

I've included a contact card that you can put straight into your iOS contact app for these addresses.