2 iOS Tricks That Will Make You a Pro

You may think you know iOS inside and out, but there are still tricks to be found that will make you a pro. 

Custom Vibrations

Wouldn’t it be useful if you could create custom vibration patterns for a certain contact (calls and text) or for certain alerts so you could identify them without needing to touch your iPhone.

Settings -> Sounds -> 'Sounds and Vibration Patterns' section

Under this section you can enter any of the sections and enter the vibration menu. From there you can select ‘Create New Vibration’ and make vibrations to your hearts content!

Shut off Audio on your Device After a Certain Time

Have you ever been listening to music on your iPhone in bed and fallen asleep only to wake a few hours later with the music still playing? Well there is actually a way to shut off audio after a predetermined period of time not only allowing you to continue with restful sleep but also saving your battery life.

Clock App -> 'When Timer Ends' -> Stop Playing

Do you know any other tricks that others might find useful? How have these tricks worked for you? Post a comment so we know.